Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

Encourage social awareness, and contribute to wellbeing. As an business, we’ve a accountability to stability the needs of the population with protecting the setting for future generations. In most nations during which Fressnapf operates its own stores, Europe’s leading pet retailer tops the speciality retail rankings inside a few years. In Switzerland, however, where Qualipet calls the photographs, the state of affairs is completely different. Sustainability and environmental protection go hand in hand and are important priorities in each company tradition. Scarcely any enterprise sector has as many alternatives in this respect because the pet sector.

  • “We know bodily activity may help reduce despair.”
  • In August, she was returning from visiting household in Sweden with her Italian greyhound, Ringo, who — like many of us — gained some weight over the pandemic.
  • Given the outbreaks on mink farms, he says, “There’s the potential for the virus to mutate and not