simple ways to add curb appeal to your home

Home improvement: Boost value of your house with these renovations

According to property insurance company Hippo Insurance, the inflation rate in the United States — currently at 8.5 percent — is causing homeowners to delay big projects like renovations and improvements. In fact, Hippo’s data shows that 43 percent of homeowners delayed projects, and 60 percent are not as comfortable about these projects as they used to be, thanks to rising prices. For many people, it’s the way they take care of their home and bond as a family. The home improvement mindset is enjoyable and often cited as therapeutic.

  • If you’re searching for the perfect rug, but can’t find your dream design, don’t despair.
  • What we found is that most people are going to rely on themselves or family members.
  • For example, did you let your then-11-year-old daughter paint her bedroom hot pink 16 years ago?
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